About Knowledge Adventure

Since 1991, Knowledge Adventure® has set the standard in kids' software by creating the finest educational products for use in the home and the classroom. Today, Knowledge Adventure's JumpStart® and MathBlaster® products invite kids to learn through endless gaming adventures in 3D virtual worlds. By blending learning and entertainment, Knowledge Adventure's adventure-based learning inspires kids' minds through immersed play. A subsidiary of Knowledge Holdings, Inc., the company is privately-held and based in Torrance, California. For more information, go to www.knowledgeadventure.com and www.jumpstart.com.

Knowledge Adventure designs and produces award-winning products under two primary flagship brands:

  • Trusted by over 30 million parents, the JumpStart brand has been a leader in the educational software market for over 10 years. Recently, the internationally renowned brand expanded into the online gaming market with a new website at JumpStart.com. Launched live on March 10, 2009, JumpStart.com is a groundbreaking evolution in children's learning games and the first learning game delivered in a browser with high-quality 3D graphics and advanced game play. A completely safe and secure online environment where kids can interact, explore and learn, JumpStart.com is quickly becoming the epicenter of online gaming for the 3-10 year old demographic.
  • Math BlasterPerhaps Knowledge Adventure's most beloved brand, Math Blaster products have been used in classrooms and homes worldwide for more than 15 years. Through a partnership with Majesco Entertainment Company, the award-winning brand was recently transitioned onto the Nintendo DS. The all-new Nintendo DS game, Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure, extends the proven brand into an age-appropriate handheld platform.

Financing History

Knowledge Adventure was purchased by Cendant in 1996 and acquired by Vivendi in 1998. In 2004, Knowledge Adventure spun out from Vivendi, led by Venture Investors. In September 2004, Knowledge Adventure completed a Series A financing led by venture capitalist firms Telesoft Partners and Azure Capital. In March of 2008, Knowledge Adventure completed a Series B financing, also led by venture capitalist firms Telesoft Partners and Azure Capital. These infusions of capital support Knowledge Adventure's continued innovation and expansion from educational software to the new frontier of children's learning - adventure-based 3D virtual worlds.

Awards and Recognition

Knowledge Adventure is internationally renowned for its award-winning multimedia titles for students of all ages. Since 1991, the company's products have received over 500 awards, including: