Akita Kanto Festival

Akita Kanto Festival

Akita Kanto Festival is a fun learning game from Knowledge Adventure, the maker of award-winning educational games for kids.

The Akita Kanto Festival in Japan

The Akita Kanto Festival is a festival celebrated in Akita, an area in Japan. It is a summer festival during which people pray for an abundant harvest. A kanto is a long bamboo pole with rows of paper lanterns attached to the end of it. During the festival, performers balance the kantos with lit lanterns on their head, shoulder or hip to the accompaniment of drums, flutes and chanting. The raised kantos in the night sky look like ears of rice swaying in the wind. Every year, around 1.1 million people gather to watch the festivities.

How to Play the Akita Kanto Festival Online Game

The object of the Akita Kanto Festival Game is to help the performer balance the kanto on his head for at least 10 seconds. Use the mouse to move the performer around. Akita Kanto Festival is a fun learning game that requires players to take basic physics concepts into consideration, improves hand-eye coordination and introduces kids to cultures and practices different from their own.