Play Free Arkanoid Games Online

Arkanoid is a fun online game that is enjoyed by children of all ages. It is among the most popular games on the internet.

About Arkanoid Game

Arkanoid, sometimes called Brick Breaker, has been around since the late 1980's. The original game Arkanoid was a video game. Its great popularity among players of all ages prompted other game developers to create similar games. Online Arkanoid and Brick Breaker games have since become very common. The storyline is that a spacecraft named "Vaus" managed to escape when its mothership "Arkanoid" was destroyed. However, Vaus was then trapped in space and warped by an unknown enemy. Players help Vaus escape by destroying the bricks that are preventing it from breaking away. Vaus is the paddle that players control in the game. The Arkanoid-style game on Knowledge Adventure's website is an easier version of the game, and is meant for younger players. Playing Arkanoid improves players' hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills. Kids can play Arkanoid to have fun while learning useful skills needed in school.

How to Play Arkanoid

The objective of Arkanoid or Brick Breaker is to break all the bricks on the screen using the ball. Players use the mouse to control the board that keeps the ball from falling down. The game ends when the player's ball falls down. Hitting certain bricks can affect the game in different ways, like releasing an extra ball, or changing the size of the board. The introduction to the game contains game instructions and a link with useful playing tips.