Ball Control

Ball Control

Ball Control is a fun online bat and ball game from Knowledge Adventure, the maker of award-winning educational games for kids.

About Ball Control

Kids tend to love ball games because they are fun and interactive. However sometimes due to weather or other house rules, kids aren't able to go outside and play freely. Fortunately, Knowledge Adventure has created ball games that are available online at any time. Playing online ball games can be just as fun as bouncing a real ball around the house. This online ball game involves controlling a bouncing ball using a tennis racket, a table tennis racket and in the final level, a golf club. Ball Control provides children with a virtual platform where they can experiment with a bat and a ball. The game simulates the interaction between a bat and ball in real life; hitting the ball with the center of the bat is the best way to keep the ball in the same place. Even kids who are not fond of playing outdoors may be motivated to pick up a bat and ball when they prove to be skillful in Ball Control. Playing the bouncing ball game improves children's hand-eye coordination and familiarizes them with the mechanics of controlling a ball.

How to Play Ball Control

The objective of Ball Control is to keep the bouncing ball off the ground using a bat. In this ball game, players should remember that the further the ball is hit from the center of the racket, the further the ball bounces from the center of the racket. Players use the mouse to control the racket. The introduction to the game includes instructions on playing the game.