Online Balloons Game

Balloons is a fun online science game from Knowledge Adventure, the maker of award-winning educational games for kids.

About Balloon Game

Balloons is a fun learning game that involves shooting balloons with a dart. Kids have always loved balloons and balloon games, and they can now enjoy playing with balloons online too! Children of all ages will enjoy popping balloons in this free balloon game, while they learn important skills needed to succeed in school. The Balloons game replicates the experience of playing with darts. Players are allowed to control the angle at which the dart is thrown, as well as the force with which it is thrown. In order to win the game with high scores, players must be able to calculate the trajectory of the darts, and pop as many balloons as possible with as few darts as possible. Playing the game teaches kids important concepts in science, like how factors such as force and angle can alter the trajectory (or curved path) of a thrown object. Kids also improve in their strategic thinking skills and learn how to predict the results of an action based on the results of previous actions - a useful skill in experimentation.

How to Play Balloon Games

The objective of Balloon Game is to pop as many balloons as possible using as few darts as possible. Players use the mouse to control the darts; moving the mouse changes the direction the dart is pointing and clicking shoots the dart. The introduction to balloon game includes instructions on playing the game.