Blind Spot

The Blind Spot Game

Blind Spot is a fun memory game from Knowledge Adventure, the maker of award-winning educational games for kids.

How to Play Blind Spot

As kids grow up, it is important to ensure that they are exposed to games of educational value. Blind Spot is a memory game where objects of different sizes and different shapes appear for a brief time on the screen and then disappear. Once the objects have disappeared, players have to click on the parts of the screen where the different objects had appeared. A click on each right position gains them points, while a wrong click will deduct 1000 points from the player's score!

The Blind Spot game has ten levels and each level gets more difficult as the number of objects that appear on the screen increase and the size of the objects reduce. Players must ensure that at each level, they try and click on the right positions of all the objects. Complete all the ten levels to finish the game.

Hint: Start with the smallest objects first.

The Blind Spot Game - Advantages

In this game, players have to identify and click on the positions of objects as they were before they disappeared.

The Blind Spot game is an excellent memory game for kids. The game encourages players to pay attention to the different positions of different objects and recall them as they try and click on the original positions of the objects. The game is beneficial for kids as it not only sharpens their memory but also improves hand-eye coordination. It develops in them a spatial sense that encourages them to understand positions with respect to each other within a particular space. Read the instructions at the start of the game and play it now!