Bobo Snake

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Bobo Snake is a fun online activity for kids of all ages from Knowledge Adventure, the maker of award-winning educational games for kids.

About Bobo Snake

Bobo Snake is a fun version of the popular snake game. In Bobo Snake, the snake is controlled by the mouse cursor. The snake responds to the slightest movement made by the mouse cursor - as well as the slightest non-movement! What makes Bobo Snake different from many other online snake games is that the snake does not stop moving, even when the player does not move the mouse. This is also what makes the snake game challenging, because when the player keeps the mouse cursor in one spot, the snake moves around the cursor and bumps into its own body. As in all other snake games, this causes the player to lose a life. Bobo Snake helps develop concentration and quick thinking. Players also learn to be very precise in their hand movements, and develop good hand-eye coordination. The colorful snakes in the game are cute and appeal to kids of all ages.

How to Play Bobo Snake

Bobo Snake is an online snake game that is played using the mouse. The basic rules of the snake game: players must guide the snake to the morsels of food that appear in different places on the screen. With each morsel that the snake eats, the snake grows in size, making the safe movement of the snake more difficult. In Bobo Snake, the snake is controlled using the mouse cursor. The game ends when the snake bumps into obstacles or its own body.