Bricks Breaking 2

Bricks Breaking 2

Bricks Breaking 2 is an exciting strategy game from Knowledge Adventure, the maker of award-winning educational games for kids.

About Bricks Breaking 2

Similar to the original Bricks Breaking game, Bricks Breaking 2 takes the game to a higher level, giving you more power and weapons to help you in the game.

The game is a grid of bricks of different colors. The aim of the Breaking Bricks game is to empty the entire grid by clicking on bricks of the same color grouped together. In Bricks Breaking 2, players have to click on a group of 3 or more bricks of the same color to destroy them. The bricks around them collapse and fill the spaces left by them. If players need to remove only a single brick, they must use their magic wand. The game ends when players use up all their five magic wands.

When players break a group of 15 or more bricks of the same color, the player is given a bomb!

Bricks Breaking games require that players strategize to ensure that they break bricks of the same color grouped together and avoid using their magic wand. Planning the next move so that you are not left with two or less bricks of a particular color will ensure that you are left with more magic wands. After completing the first grid, players move on to the next grid and so on, till they run out of magic wands.

So put on your thinking hats and bring the wall down. Play Bricks Breaking 2!