Candy Bags

The Candy Bags Game

Candy Bags is a simple but addictive Halloween game by Knowledge Adventure, the maker of award-making educational games for kids.

How to Play Candy Bags

In the Candy Bags online game, there are nine bags, each with a mix of different kinds of candies. The player and the computer take turns in picking up a bag. The first one to collect three candies of the same type wins.

About Candy Bags

The Candy Bags game involves the use of various abilities. Players must have keen observation skills as they track which candies the computer has picked up. The game not only involves picking up 3 candies of the same kind for oneself, but also thwarting the computer's attempt at doing the same by picking up candies being collected by it. Players must also strategize and carefully choose the bags that they pick up so as to maximize their chances of picking up three similar candies first.

This online game is a favorite among kids. Read the instructions at the start of the game and play the Candy Bags game now!