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Math BlasterĀ® Algebra
Grade Level: 7 and up
Master an entire year of Algebra 1.
Provide your students with the tools they need to succeed in first-year algebra. Interactive lessons and review help students understand important curriculum topics. Correlated to NCTM Standards.

Curriculum Skills

  • Apply order of operations
  • Understand factoring and integers
  • Graph linear and parabolic equations
  • Practice systems of equations
  • Explore equations and inequalities
  • Understand quadratic equations

Special Features

  • Six activities with three levels of difficulty
  • Glossary tool clearly explains algebraic terms
  • Tutorials and practice word problems
  • A rich collection of extension activities printable for classroom use

Configuration Price
Teacher Edition (2 Users) $60.00
Lab Pack (5 Users) $125.00
Call for Volume Discounts After 5 Licenses

Pricing is subject to change. Please contact your reseller for current pricing.