Animal Games

Animal Games is a collection of online learning games and activities featuring animals, from Knowledge Adventure, the maker of award-winning educational games for kids.

Animal Games for Animal Lovers

Credited to their natural curiosity of all things colorful, hairy, and smelly, kids tend to love animals. This is why a trip to the zoo is always a great source of excitement for them. Kids love learning about these living creatures that are very like us in some ways, and very different in many others. Petting animals, feeding them and playing with them are very enjoyable activities for little kids. Many children are attracted to the nurturing aspect of raising animals which is why most kids eventually want a pet of their own. However, keeping a pet is not always a realistic option for all families. Luckily, Knowledge Adventure has animal games for girls and boys who love animals. Kids can have fun playing with animals online with Knowledge Adventure's games about animals and not have to worry about extra money to feed, bath, or clean their pet! The animal games for kids feature snakes, fireflies, monkeys, tortoises and even imaginary creatures like fairies.

Learning with Animal Games Online

Animal Games is a collection of online learning games featuring animals. The games teach important skills needed for success in school. For example, Bobo Snake improves kids' hand-eye coordination. The Hare and the Tortoise is a learning game based on the popular children's tale. Ivy's Meadow is a math game where children help a friendly fairy collect fireflies in jars to light up her house. Cooking with Chef Piglet lets children experiment with food and ingredients. Let kids play animal games online to keep them engaged while they learn valuable skills.